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Poppy & Rollo

Poppy and Rollo are fully licensed voice actors.


Poppy is 15, Rollo is 12.


All booking enquires can be made through Victoria.

What couldn't you live without?

P: Oxygen

R: My BMX bike

Tell us your worst nightmare?

P: The flat-earthers being right all along

R: Finding out my BMX's are stolen!

The best pizza topping?

P: Ham and pineapple. Please don't hurt me!

R: Pepperoni

Who's your favourite band right now?

P: Dua Lipa

R: Res One

Who do you admire most?

P: Miranda Hart

R: Steven Murray - pro BMX rider

If you could choose, what animal would you come back as in the next life?

P: A dolphin, because they always look like they're having much more fun than us

R: A hummingbird

Finish the sentence. "If I had a million pounds..."

P: "...and I bought a £1milllion house, would I still be a millionare?"

R: "...I'd buy as many bikes as I could for £500,000 and buy the biggest skate park with the rest."

If you could change on thing about the world, what would it be?

P: Climate change

R: More skate parks

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